Friday, 8 November 2013

Synge's Limited Output of Plays

The premature death of Synge kept his work some what limited. the classification of the work is difficult as Synge's plays are mostly blended with both forms of dramatization in tragedy and comedy.

J M Synge limited output of play

 Though his comedies include The Shadow of the Glen, The Tinker's Weeding, The Well of the Saints and The Playboy of the Western World, whereas, tragic elements in Riders to the Sea and Deirdre of the Sorrow qualify them as tragedies. This last play 
  Deirdre of the Sorrow is sometimes considered as melo drama because  of the sense of blood- shed which intensify our emotions of fear. This work remained unversed, due to the sudden death of Synge after long illness. This play was criticized for lack of coherence and unity, most probably, because Synge could not 

pic of riders to the sea

revise the work and prepare it as work of excellent. All the other plays are significant works of art and highly entertaining, no matters if some of his plays became the issue of controversy. 

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