Monday, 6 March 2017

Discuss How Whitman Has Used Imagery in His Poems

Whitman’s poetry contains a profusion of images and it is truly perceived in almost any of his poem.

Whitman employs different types of imagery in his poems and they are galore in order to create the desires effect. All sorts of images crowd in his poems images of the earth the sea and the sky night and day hills mountain and rivers nature and animals images of sex energy and vitality. His long poems like when lilacs last in the Dooryard Bloom’d or “crossing Brooklyn 

 how Whitman has used imagery in his poems.

ferry’ seem to be made up of a number of brief descriptions. At a glance they seem chaotic as they flash past the eye in rapid succession. But in reality they have an implicit pattern. In the poem ‘when lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d’ we see an abundance of images of the earth the sky the sea and all that moving in quick succession.