Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shelly and Wordsworth as a poets of nature

Interpretation of nature, Shelly suggests Wordsworth both by resemblance and by contrast. To both poets all natural objects are symbols of truth. Both regard nature as a permeated by the higher 

Shelly was a rebel poet

spiritual life which animates all things but while Wordsworth finds a spirit of thought and so of communion between nature and the soul of man, Shelly finds a spirit of love, which exists chiefly in its own delight. And so The Cloud , The Skylark and The West Wind three of the most beautiful poems in the English Language, have no definite message for humanity. In his Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, Shelly is most like Wordsworth, but in his Sensitive Plant with its fine symbolism and imagery he is like nobody in the world but himself. Comparison sometimes is an excellent thing and if we compare  Shelly exquisite Lament, beginning-

"O World! O Life! O time"

With  Wordsworth's Ode on Intimations of Immortality we shall perhaps understand both the poets better. Both poems recall many
Wordsworth poet of nature

happy memories of youth, both express a very real mood of a moment . But While the beauty of one merely saddens and disheartens us. The beauty of the other inspires us with something of the poets own faith and hopefulness. In a word, Wordsworth found and Shelly lost himself in Nature.

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