Friday, 29 September 2017

How did Medea and Jason React to the Killing of Glauce and Creon?

Medea adopted some artful measures to get rid of Glauce and Creon. She asked her children to present a robe and a golden importunity compelled her to accept the gifts and she was immediately consumed by poison. Creon in a bid to save his daughter burnt himself to death.

When Medea heard this story from the messenger, she was overjoyed and then entered the palace and killed her sons. She did not want that her children would be tortured and killed by the Corinthians. Even the Chorus could not prevent her from this murderous act. They mourned the death of the children when Jason entered. He wanted to save the children but it was too late. He rushed in to kill her but Medea was riding in her dragon-borne chariot and flew to hospitable Athens. Jason became a picture of grief and desolation and looked stunned at the dead bodies of his children. At the top of the house Medea in her chariot looked with malicious pleasure at the discomfiture of her wretched husband. He was bewailing the death of the children and was looking at them with tears rolling down the cheeks, but could not kiss the dear lips of the children. It was grief too deep for tears. He was petrified. Medea taunted him and mocked him for his new-born love for the children whom he was determined to send to exile. She triumphed over her living and dead enemies. It was Medea’s prediction that Jason would have a long and crushed life. It was true that she had her measure of grief, but she was happy to see Jason who was shattered totally.

Medea and Jason were poles asunder in their feelings. Medea was grief-stricken, but she had the consolation of finding Jason broken and shattered.

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