Friday, 29 September 2017

How Troilus Wins the Love of Criseyde?

Troilus visit to the temple in the ceremony marked a serious change in his attitude to women and love. His love at the first sight was one-sided and he had to sorrow bitterly for her love, Pandarus, 'Troilus’ trusted friend and Criseyde s uncle comforted him by the promise of aid in the suit. By applying all his techniques, Pandarus induced Criseyde to return his love for his heroism and Criseyde took pity for his love-sorrow on her account. 

Criseyde was persuaded to visit the ailing Troilus. Criseyde was already informed of Troilus’ whole-hearted love for her. In return Criseyde offered him her heart and took him in his arms and kissed him passionately. The skilful stratagems of Pandarus have placed the pair in each other’s arms under his roof. At night in the room where Troilus was kept hidden, Criseyde found Troilus and both of them enjoyed the heavenly bliss to their full satisfaction.

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