Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What is the procedure of TPR? /what are the main classroom activities of TPR?

The majority of class time in TPR lessons is spent dong dills in which the instructor gives commands using the imperative mood.

Instructors limit the number of new vocabulary items given to students at any one time. Asher suggests that students can learn between 12 and 36 words for every hour of instruction, depending on their language level and class size. 

While drills using the imperative are the mainstay of total physical response classes, teachers can use their activities as well. 

There is little error correction in TPR lesson plans should contain the detailed commands that the teacher intends to use. He says, “it is wise to write out the exact utterances you will be using an especially the novel commands because the actions is so fast-moving there is usually not time of you to create spontaneously.

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