Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What are the Steps Teachers Should Consider to Integrate the Language Skills in EFL Classroom?

Integrated skill Approach allows teachers to track students, progress in multiple skills at the same time. Integrating the language skills also promotes the learning of real content, not just the dissection of language forms. Finally, the integrated-skill approach, whether found in content-based or task-based language instruction or some hybrid form, can be highly motivating to students of all ages and backgrounds. 

In order to integrate the language skills in ESL/EFL instruction, teachers should consider taking these steps:

They should learn more about the various ways to integrate baggage skills in the classroom.

They should reflect on their current approach and evaluate the extent to which the skills are integration;

They should choose instructional materials, textbooks, and technologies that promote the integration of listening, reading speaking, and writing, as well as the associated skills of syntax, vocabulary, and so on. Even if a given course is labeled according to just one skill, one should remember that it is possible to integrate the other language skills through appropriate tasks;

They should teach language learning strategies and emphasize that a given strategy can often enhance performance in multiple skills.

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